May Flower Your Civics First by learning english

Then, Raise Your Voice And Act On Your Way

“ For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”


English learning through 100 Civics Questions

Civics is such an everyday life dealing with the rights and duties of citizens. So we need to listen very carefully to what other saying that will bring us up and down, speak aloud what you think, and discuss what we can work together for our better life. To make things happen, we need to improve our english skills to ensure that we can understand each other and exchange ideas. Now, we can leverage study materials for the civics tests First, we can use 100 civics questions brought by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to catch two rabbits at the same time. Let’s get started.

Listen Carefully

Try to listen entire audio file without stopping at least two times. No worries about the words you don’t know at this point. For the third time, try to dictate what you hear on the paper. No needs to be perfect but just try.

Read Aloud

Once your listening is completed, you can read aloud the script you just listen at least two times. Compare the script with what you dictated. Then you can revisit specific words, phrases, or clauses you don’t understand or miss. 

Take Quizzes

Try to take note what you have learned during the process and take quizzes to check your comprehension of the material. Then, you may even leave your comment about anything you want to discuss.  

Good luck with your citizenship test

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