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Take a look at the following 10 sentences and pick the most  appropriate word to complete each sentence. There is no way go back to the previous questions. Just do your best to go through them all at once. Usually, the first choice becomes the best choice so believe yourself. At the end, you can review all questions to check out what you are missing. Now, let’s stay focused and run!

Adjectives in the Civics English

The Bill of Rights is [_______] first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
The Declaration of Independence lists [_______] three rights that the Founding Fathers considered to be natural and “unalienable.”
In [_______] representative democracy, citizens choose representatives to make the laws. U.S. citizens also choose a president to lead the executive branch of government.
The Constitution establishes [_______] three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.
The 27th Amendment was added in 1992. It explains how [_______] senators and representatives are paid.
[_______] Founding Fathers of the United States wrote/ the Constitution in 1787.
The Constitution says that [_______] leaders of the executive departments should advise the president.
John Adams was one of [_______] Founding Fathers and the second president of the United States.
The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects [_______] person’s right to freedom of expression.
The Declaration of [_______] Independence contains important ideas about the American system of government.
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