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Take a look at the following 10 sentences and pick the most  appropriate word to complete each sentence. There is no way go back to the previous questions. Just do your best to go through them all at once. Usually, the first choice becomes the best choice so believe yourself. At the end, you can review all questions to check out what you are missing. Now, let’s stay focused and run!

Prepositions in the Civics English

Congress first discussed this amendment back in 1789 as one of the original amendments considered [_______] the Bill of Rights.
The Constitution says that the government will conduct a census of the population every 10 years to count the number of people [_______] each state.
Article III of the Constitution establishes the judicial branch. The judicial branch places the highest judicial power [_______] the Supreme Court
The Constitution separates the government’s power [_______] three branches to prevent one person or group from having too much power.
Jefferson ended the Declaration [_______] the statement that the colonies are, and should be, free and independent states.
The Second Continental Congress voted to accept the Declaration [_______] July 4, 1776.
After an amendment has passed in Congress or by a special convention, the amendment must then be ratified [_______] the legislatures of three-fourths of the states.
There are 100 senators [_______] Congress, two from each state. All states have equal power [_______] the Senate because each state has the same number of senators.
In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote a list of complaints the colonists had [_______] the King of England
The job of the executive branch is to carry out, or execute, federal laws and enforce laws passed [_______] Congress.
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