U.S. Citizenship Study Guide for Irish

Make your web browser as a learning Tool

Optimizing your web browser will help you improve your English skills. As you are surfing websites, you can improve English grammar, vocabulary, and styles.

Choose a right web browser

Google feeds you more search results than Bing. For example, search for “english grammar”, Google shows about 276,000,000 results in 0.56 seconds, while Bing shows 3,630,000 results. Also, the way to presenting results by Google is more intuitive and less commercial. However, it is totally your choice as to what you do. You can always change it in case it does not work for you, just like politicians.

Get the extensions

English spelling, grammar, and styles is always challenging but these extensions can help you solve the challenges. If you can’t do something yourself, Just look around and you can find some neighbors who can support you.

Improve your English vocabulary

Simply click on a word you don’t know to get a definition of it. Also, you can find out the way to pronounce it.


Improve your English writing

ProWritingAid extension will guide you how to fix misspelling and grammar error while you are writing in real time.

Build your foundation

Civics English Grammar

Check out your grammar skills using the civics study materials.

100 Civics Questions

Listen to each chapter of the Civics questions and try to dictate it while you read aloud. Then, take some quizzes. 

Act Civics

Talk with your neighbors about your thoughts and ideas. Even contact your politicians.

Prepare for your civics tests

Speed up studying 100 civics questions

You can use your smart phone to study the 100 civics questions by easily scrolling up and down. To study more, you can simply click on the image or “Learn More” button, which will bring you to each question.

Each question comes with additional quizzes to check out your comprehension of what you learn. No worries. No one can judge you but feel free to leave your comments if you have any questions. Someone like you may help you out.


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