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The Framers/ of the Constitution wanted/ senators/ to be independent/ from public opinion./ They thought/ a fairly long,/ six-year term would give them/ this protection./ They also wanted/ longer Senate terms/ to balance/ the shorter two-year terms/ of the members/ of the House,/ who would more closely follow/ public opinion./ The Constitution puts/ no limit/ on the number/ of terms a senator may serve./ Elections/ for U.S. senators take place/ on even-numbered years./ Every two years,/ one-third of the senators are/ up for election./

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Why do all states have equal power in the Senate?
We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years?
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* The reading text above is partially referred by USCIS Quick Civics Lessons “Learn About the United States” and only used for educational purposes.

Choose the correct word, and even world.

American Enough? Patriotic Enough?

Here is my proof. This is sustained from my service in the U.S. military. Now, is this patriot enough? I am not ashamed to walk around anymore before I was very inhibited people look at me strangely and they question my loyalty to this country. I don’t look American enough?

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